Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Overdue Post

Friday's weigh in results: net -1 pound.

We've been using the doppler every night and it seems from the sounds that we're having a pony. I hope it's a small, cute pony.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All's fair in love and war...

When C. and I developed our new "you're gaining too much weight" strategy, we decided that I'd weigh myself with the same scale at the gym each week and use that number to guage how well we're doing with the strategy. Since I did the first weigh-in on Friday, I'd continue to weigh on Fridays. I broke down today and weighed -- I've lost 2 pounds since last Friday. Lest you think that I've somehow developed an eating disorder in 4 days, let me assure you... NOT TRUE. I still luuuuuv food. It's all part of this strategy. Even the beautiful, yummy steak fries I had for lunch today :-D

On my way home, I got a Vmail from Hitler's office, er, I mean the OB's office on my cell. They said that the quad screen came back "normal", whatever THAT means, and that they'd see me at my next appointment. I always thought there were numbers associated with it -- not just "normal" "not normal". I might ask them when I'm there.

So if you're scoring today -- pretty good day. On the slate for tomorrow: Call The Gap and try to get another pair of pants. I ordered a pair a few weeks ago and they are the most fabulous pants EVER. Now, of course I can't find them in the store and can't figure out which ones they are online.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tipping the scales... Literally

Ok, I could have been sucking in my abs more, but this is a picture taken at 15w6d. It was also taken prior to the asskicking I got from the OB wednesday.

Other than the asskicking, which I'll get to later, the appointment was great. Bloodwork still normal, including iron count (no supplemental iron necessary) and folate. Urine is normal (sugar & protein). Blood pressure is also still low. She listened to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler and said it's great.

But she says I'm gaining too much weight. I've gained 9 pounds total so far and because I'm tracking for 30 pounds total she's concerned. Honestly, I'm not too concerned. I'm doing my own tracking and have gained 2 pounds since 11 weeks. I must have seriously packed on some pounds between 8 & 11 weeks. Plus, C. is making my meals now to take to work and we're having lighter dinners (salads, etc.) so I'm not going to bed with such a full stomach. We'll see how it works. I expect it'll be fine.

In other news, my parents have graciously offered to buy us a crib. Mom sent me a link to one style that caught her eye, and I really like it. My parents are coming out to visit us for Christmas (our first out-of-town Christmas guests since we moved here 11 years ago!) and we'll go look for cribs and order one then. I'm also planning to do the registry then. Lordy, I can't believe I'm actually planning to do a gift registry!!

Next appt: Level II ultrasound (fetal growth scan), November 8

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It just got better

Well, I couldn't stand it another moment.

Until now, I'd always been skeptical of people I'd heard about who were 5, 6 or more months pregnant and didn't know it. Well, more to the point, I'd always thought they were either big fat liars of just stupid. I am here to tell you today that I officially understand it. If it weren't for my clothes not fitting, I'd never know I'm pregnant. I hear stories about people with food cravings and aversions, crying at TV commercials, super sensitive skin, gag reflexes, etc. I don't experience a single bit of that.

Three things happened recently that caused some nervousness:

  • My 11 week NT scan showed a strong heartbeat but the baby wasn't moving, despite the poking and prodding of the ultrasound tech.
  • Someone on one of the boards that I post to went in for her 15 week check and the baby's heartbeat had stopped sometime after her 11 week appoinment. She had no idea whatsoever.
  • I went to the dentist last Monday and they told me that generally speaking they can spot a pregnant woman right away by looking at her gums but my gums looked healthy and great!

So combine all this with the fact that I have no symptoms and feel great (except for the fat thing), I've been a nervous wreck.

So C. and I rented a fetal doppler. It arrived yesterday. We tried it last night when he got home from work and he found the heartbeat right away. I feel much better now. I guess the alternative is that I'm always calling the doctor's office. Next appointment: Wednesday

* * * * *

In other news... I convinced C. to take the sign language class with me and we're having a fabulous time! It's going really well and we're looking foward to signing with our baby as soon as we can.