Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Donut Eggs, Anyone??


Recipient(s): Debbi & spouse
Date: February 28, 2006
Female Recipient Blood Type: O-


Race / Ethnic Background: Irish/Italian (I suppose the Italian can be substituted for “Mediterranean”)
Height Range:5’2’’ – 5’7’’ (should I really care about this? My mother’s much taller than me… maybe 5’8’’ or so… is that important?)
Weight Range: 120 – 180 (again… does ANYone say “since I’m a fat pig, please be sure my donor has a bmi of over 27?)
Body Build: athletic, big boned, etc.
Skin Tone: I go from pasty white in winter to olive in summer and I’m sure without anemia I could be even darker. You do the math.
Hair Color: brunette/auburn (or whatever the crazy cosmetologists are calling it these days)
Hair Type: wavy/thick (it’s probably actually more “voluminous” than “thick” but in case it matters.)
Eye Color: brown or hazel (mine are brown… mom’s hazel)

Please list any other characteristics that are important to you:

  • I’m on the phone with Spouse. He says: “Brown eyes. Brown hair. Pulse. No anorexia” (Remember, he’s a cook)

  • Sense of humor is a must – tell a knock-knock joke. If she doesn’t even chuckle… she’s out. Ditto for outgoing personality. Now, if she listens to your joke and tells you frankly that you should keep your day job, she’s outgoing *and* snarky – a definite keeper.

My additional characteristics:

Not afraid of animals (liking them is a plus)

Other Pluses (but not required): outgoing personality, reading, some education (I have some college, chris is attending college now but neither of us has degrees), hobbies, likes to play games, active outdoors.

But in reality, even if the donor doesn’t have any of these “pluses”, we can force our kid into submission when we feel like playing Scrabble or going rollerblading. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA did I just say “rollerblading?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Out of the closet

In case you're the only person I haven't told, my interview aired on the local news on February 9th. I'm actually surprised that they did as well as they did with the context. There are a couple of things I'd change, but overall they did fine.

I just hope this helps at least one person talk about infertility without feeling crappy. Bonus points for not using any of the irritating cliches: "It's God's will" or "It'll happen if it happens". Extra crispy bucket of bonus points for taking pity on me and offering me lots of money toward my IF expenses.

My life is not my own

Boy does this IF stuff suck. Major league.

I was reminded the other day of a conversation I had with a friend several years ago. We were just beginning our attempt at creating a family and she was sharing her sister's experiences. S. told me that her sister had done IVF treatments and she had to take several shots every day all the way through the treatments and even after she got pregnant. She said she had to have a shot every day throughout her pregnancy. I have a vivid memory of thinking to myself "What kind of crazy person would go through *that* just to get pregnant?"

So today as I was taking my second shot..... I realized that you just have to ask yourself "do you want to have a baby, or not?" Sometimes if you answer yes, you gotta take shots. Period. Of course, nothing goes as planned, right? Take my current IVF cycle, for example. I've been trying to get this off the ground since August. I finally started stimming Wednesday. I've been doing fine with the shots until today. Today, when I tried to get my Gonal-F into my belly, I could feel 225IU of the medicine run down my belly. Hmmmm. That's strange, I thought it was supposed to go through the needle that's already jabbed deep under my belly skin. Guess i was wrong! So i wasted abouuuut ... eh ... probably 200 dollars worth of FSH. Nice. I called the clinic and asked what to do 'cause i wasn't exactly sure how much, if any, of the medicine actually got under my skin. They told me to take an additional 150 units. So i dialed in another 225 and injected.

I'm such a rebel.

Monday, February 06, 2006

My 15 minutes of fame

So a couple of weeks ago, I was cornered in my RE's office and asked if a news camera could capture a quick image of my Dr. talking to me. Somehow that turned into them interviewing me about fertility patients purchasing their meds on the gray market. Naturally, I've never purchased my meds anywhere but the pharmacy and told them that during the interview, but nonetheless, I was shocked to see a teaser on TV last night for the "Special Report" coming up Thursday night. It's an episode of Out Of Context Theater starring ME!

This should be a trip. I've already had 4 people approach me today because they've seen the teaser. *sigh*