Saturday, April 22, 2006

So on the fertility front... not much is happening

It's really a huge boring waiting game at this point. I'm trying to put as much effort in at the gym as I can muster. Also hitting work hard while I can. Cycling is really tough at work 'cause I can't keep 100% on task for as long.

I emailed the DE coordinator this week to find out if there was a physical or bloodwork or anything that I might need prior to the cycle. The ASRM and FDA/CDC guidelines always seem to be changing and I'd rather do everything that I can now so we're not waiting for the last minute. Besides, my GP's office books routine visits waaaaay out so I'd have to schedule now to be sure I'd be finished by this summer. She let me know that I was up to date for the most part, but C needs a bunch of tests and Dr. H. wants to do a sonohystogram (saline ultrasound) as well. I'll schedule everything the same day and we can get it over with.

So I'm waiting for the final testing then waiting even more. It's always about the waiting, it seems. In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away at the house.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another year, another tax fiasco

So for the first time in 13 years of marriage, we had to write a check to the federal Government this year. How utterly depressing. Admittedly, it was less than $1000 dollars and we're blessed with the money that we have but still. I'm pissed.

You wouldn't mind so much but we've been paying out the whooha for a year for our IVF expenses. Not anywhere near enough, evidently! There's a minimum amount of expenses required for deduction eligibility. I doubt we came close but the truth is, we're not organized enough to know for sure anyway.

So now we're going to take our stuff to a tax accountant and see 1. if we fucked up and 2. if yes, how did we fuck up. Maybe we'll get some good tips for next year.

Friday, April 07, 2006

While I was out..not much happened

Monday morning the phone rang as I was getting ready to go to the gym. It was 5:30. My friend D. was calling to tell me that her water broke and she was getting ready to head for the hospital. I spent 10 hours that day trying to make a really special place for her and her new daughter to come home to. She lives in our neighborhood and she lives alone. Actually, not anymore.

I know that she's going to be so out of energy and time. I cleaned her upstairs master bath and bedroom and made it neat and spiffy so (hopefully) she won't have to worry about a thing for a while. A friend of hers was at her house watching Ginger (beautiful lab!) and cleaned up the downstairs. Between the 2 of us, we finished the rest of the laundry.

Tuesday I went to meet her baby and brought a gift for the deliriously happy mama. Stayed with her a long while (don't worry, it was by invitation. Nobody likes anyone overstaying their welcome more than I) and headed back to finish. I rounded out the day by putting her co-sleeper next to the bed and making it snug. I placed the gift (a pendent necklace with the baby's birthstone) on the pillow and made sure everything was in it's place.

I know that even if she doesn't really know it, she'll appreciate it because she needs it. But that's not why I did it. Actually, I'm not too sure why I did it. K. says that there's a thing in 12-step programs that's basically like by giving back and helping other people it helps the addict to avoid becoming bitter about life. Maybe I'm giving back so I won't become bitter about infertility. It's also the season of lent for us RCs. A time of atonement and reflection. Maybe that's why. It's possible that I'm doing it to help fill time while I wait for my next cycle. I sure need to be busy. Who knows? In the end it probably doesn't matter much. I just feel better for doing it for whatever reason and it was important to me to do it. 'nuff said.

Oh by the way, baby G. is stunning. I'm in love.