Thursday, November 16, 2006


On my way home last night, a power wire snapped from a pole about 3 cars behind me as I waited at a traffic light. It was so powerful that I felt the shock from it come from the steering wheel up both arms and through my body. It felt like a really really big shock from a really powerful electric pasture fence. except bigger.

My first thought was "well, if I'm ok, the baby's ok" then a few minutes later I thought "holy shit, the baby's in water!" I tried to call my mom (a RN) when I got home but she wasn't answering so I ended up calling the Dr's office. The triage nurse called me back, told me she'd talked to the dr on call and they wanted me to go for a non-stress test. They told me that they may not be able to actually do it because I'm still so early, but they wanted to try. They also said to be prepared to be there for several hours.

So C. met me at the hospital. They checked my blood pressure, heart, temperature then listened to the baby. Everything was great and they called the Dr. who came in and told me that she didn't think a non-stress test was necessary. I told her I'd feel better if I could feel the baby moving a little - I hadn't felt movement since it happened. She offered an ultrasound and I was gleeful! When I told her that if she could peek between the baby's legs and let me know if she saw anything, she'd have done more than any radiologist to date, she said "oh, well now we HAVE to do an ultrasound!" So we saw the baby -- it was moving! and... definately a boy!

She did say that it wasn't a wasted call -- I did the right thing. she was going to go onto the internet and check pubmed and a couple of other sites to see what information is out there about electrical shock in pregnancy but did warn me not to google. She calls the internet the "worrynet".

So I waited until I got home to google. (c'mon, you knew I would!). note to you googlers out there: do NOT google "+electrical shock +pregnancy". You'll be sorry.

And now I'm worried.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

*bock* *bock* *bock* *bock* *bock*

Well, we have a very healthy baby. Still measuring 1 week ahead and everything looked great. Unfortunately for us, it's a very uncooperative baby. Radiologist is 80% certain that it's a boy, but the umbilical cord was between his legs and the Dr. couldn't really get a good view. He said that he sees something right next to where the cord is, but couldn't be sure.

OB appointment went OK, too. The Dr. was on call and running late due to deliveries so I was seen by one of the nurse practitioners. (didn't upset me a single bit as you might imagine). Urine protein was good, blood pressure was good (117/74), gained *GASP* 2 pounds (but nothing was said) and had blood drawn for hematocrit and ferritin levels. She encouraged me to keep going to the gym as long as I'm comfortable and wrote a prescription for massage therapy as necessary. I'll be using it for physical therapy, I think. I have at least 2 more ultrasounds scheduled -- 28 weeks and either 34 or 36 weeks. The Dr. called me this evening and apologized for not seeing me earlier today -- went over the results of the ultrasound and the appointment notes. She confirmed that we'll have more chances to verify the gender. Best yet, didn't mention the weight! I forgot to get a flu shot while I was in there, but the Dr. told me that the shot offered at the plant is fine, so I'll be getting one at work next week.

I've been going to the gym every day but admittedly, crunches are getting more difficult. I'm hanging in though. I'm not quite ready to give up yet. Interestingly, this weekend, I considered getting a couple of personal training sessions at the gym just to verify that I'm on track with the prenatal workouts. I did a search on my gym's site for trainers that specialize in prenatal (my gym has close to 90). Of the 90, there are only 6 with this specialty. As coincidence would have it, the trainer that teaches the class that I take 3 days a week is one of them. Well, that saved me a bundle of money. I guess there's no need for the private sessions. I get all the information and ask all of the questions I need during class.

So after the appointments today, we went to lunch then shopping at Babies R Us. I was too chicken to buy anything. *sigh* tomorrow's another day.