Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some people just suck

I think when you sell your house you should advertise it like a car or any other like-valued asset: "free to good home", "300K or BO", etc. Here's why:

We're in the process of looking for a new house now that we've finally sold the seattle house. We found one we could work with. it's not our dream house by any means, but it's got all the right features and is in a great location. The biggest down side is that it needs a lot of work: new kitchen, new roof, new deck, pool work, the garage is actually falling backwards, among other things. So we offer what is a fair price minus some of the biggest repairs it needs right away. We figured that if the sellers are interested in negotiating, they'll counter with someehting close to the middle or maybe a little bit higher. Do they? noooooo. they counter for 5k less than the full price. What I want to know is how in the HELL is this a negotiation? Why didn't they just say, "price firm" or not counter?

I hate this part. I had to try 3 or 4 times to get a house in seattle -- every deal kept falling thru. So we're back at the beginning and really there's not much here to look at. we're probably going to be at this for a while. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

on blogging

The truth is, I miss it when I don't post. I was thinking about it today and was wondering why I seem so attracted to typing out my random thoughts and then inviting anyone to read it. First off, why should someone care? But okay let's just say that someone does care. Why would I want to share most of this stuff with people anyway? Some of it's personal but really most of it is just plain weird. But I do it because I do. I'm not sure it's strong enough to be a need but I'm really drawn to it. The whole idea of blogging and reading others' blogs fascinates me and I spend hours getting caught up with folks that I grow a great fondness for. The community, by and large, is hugely attractive.

I think being physically isolated is probably a big factor. The transition back to a rural area is proving challenging. I wouldn't change it for a minute but I frequently find myself missing being involved in a fast paced lifestyle. Just things like being connected. Not many people really "on the internet" here in the same way my friends in Seattle are.

My spiffy new computer helps, too. It's so sweet! We've been running Vista Ultimate on our 4 or 5 year old Inspiron 8200 with only 512MB of memory. That just hurts. It does okay but we try not to work it too hard so it doesn't just implode. I think it's got some hardware issues, too. The hard drive sounds like it's going to melt any second.

Spring is here and it's a perfect time to begin again.

You know, I never introduced this blog and people read it. Then, I disappear. So it seems apt that I return without comment.