Wednesday, December 06, 2006

again with the scale

Blood pressure, despite having it checked after the weigh-in (CHECK)
Urine Protein (CHECK)
Fundal Height (CHECK)
Overall well-being (CHECK)

So it turns out that I'm on track for a "normal" pregnancy as far as my weight gain goes. What my body is failing to recognize is that evidently I'm experiencing an abnormal one. So I went 5 rounds again with the doctor over diet, weight and exercise. It's actually starting to get a bit comical when I'm not just plain pissed about it. I'm tempted to type up a paper with my exercise routine on it so I can hand it to her for my chart on the next visit. I'm bloody well sick of having the exact same conversation with her about it every single time I see her. For the record I'm net +5 according to them. That's in 8 weeks. The scale at the gym that I've been using shows net +2 as of 7:30 this morning so I'm not sure what to make of that.

Next appointment is January 3 and I'm scheduled for a 1 hour glucose tolerance test, hemotcrit & serum ferretin blood draw and Level II ultrasound for growth. When she told me about the GD test, she almost made it sound like she wanted me to have GS -- I get the impression it would explain the weight gain to her. I know it's not GD; I just have the metobolism of a snail and I always have. Why do you think I weigh this much now despite the working out?

So I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize and think about how happy I will be to have our little boy in our lives, but honestly, it's really difficult. All of my thoughts are preoccupied with worry about the scale and that leaves precious little room for anything else in my thought bubbles. I'm getting less and less tolerant of people who aren't supportive of me and that includes my OB. I suspect sooner or later, she or some other poor unsuspecting person will hear me blasting with both barrels.

For today, life goes on. I'm feeling great and have no complaints about how my pregnancy is going, unsupportive physicians aside. I've been feeling him kick pretty consistently for a few weeks and can't wait until C. can feel him from outside my belly. He seems to think this whole "honey the baby's kicking -- put your hand here, QUICK" is some conspiracy made up by women who want to keep men on a short leash.

Speaking of C. he had his "Conscious Fathering" class Saturday and really liked it. He came home with all kinds of information and wanted to go to the bookstore for some recommended books. I think he's starting to get really excited. I've been reading Vicki Iovine's book Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood and a couple of breastfeeding books. I've already finished Heading Home Your Newborn, which I've passed off to C. for his reading pile. I'm open for recommendations of course.

Next up: Car seat safety class this weekend. Two nights at a beautiful spa/resort next week and then my parents come to town on the 20th. While they're here we hope to get lots of early shopping done and firm up our gift registry. We're also scheduled for our infant CPR class that week and the tour of Labor & Delivery. OB appointment on Jan 3 and then the childbirth classes start. It's all starting to happen so fast!


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

I would give the OB the boot and find a replacement. Seriously.


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