Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Everything's Fine!"

Well, December was a whale of a month for me. I'll try not to bore you any more than necessary.

During the 2nd week (12th & 13th) we went on a "babymoon" to Salish Lodge and had a fabulous time. It was only 2 nights and 25 miles away but it seemed like a month at a far away resort. The accommodations were luxurious, the food devine and the spa treatments were heavenly. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative. The last night of our stay, western Washington was hit with a huge wind storm and over 1.5 million homes/businesses, etc. lost power. The lodge wasn't immune. We checked out in the dark, came home to a dark house and went to get our dogs from the trainers where they'd been in the dark. It was a long day. Our power was restored late that night, which was faster than most. We're lucky to be on the same substation as the local hospital. We always have better power service than others nearby.

Mom & Dad were here over the holidays and were quite generous with the shopping. Bought us 3 pieces of beautiful furniture for the nursery at USA Baby. In this picture, the crib and the dresser on the left in the main picture and then the hutch that fits over that dresser (hutch not pictured anywhere). They also payed the balance of the glider that we ordered in November and bought a bunch of nursery accessories from BabiesRUs for us. I'm excited to finally pull the nursery together. C. finished painting it tonight so tomorrow I can at least start hanging clothes in the closet and stuff. My mom and I have a serious jigsaw puzzle addiction and worked on a Springbok 1500 piece puzzle while they were here. I finished it days after they left and have purchased a new one. I'm thinking I might start that today but it seems something always gets in the way of my leisure plans.

New Year's eve was fun, as usual. Every year for the last several years we head for K's house to have some fabulous "white trash" food and watch the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi channel. Recently it's been even more fun because we can TiVo our favorite episodes and pick and choose what we watch. The menu consisted of white trash weenies (Pillsbury crescent rolls around lil' smokies), beef tips in demi-glaze, chips & dip, bleu cheese salad dipped stuffed french rolls, deviled eggs, and my favorite... Whoopie Pies! Knowing that I had a Dr's appointment on Wednesday, I held back to 2 whoopie pies and then that biatch K sent THREE home with us. I didn't eat any of them before my appt though. I'm such a good girl, doncha think? We made it home and were in bed in time to ring in the New Year. Which, by the way, is an improvement over recent years. Generally, we're asleep by 11. Yeah, I know we're boring.

Wednesday after New Year's I had another big OB appointment and level II ultrasound. Here's the highlights:

Ultrasound: normal fetus, normal amniotic fluid level, normal organs, baby breech and facing backwards and measuring 30.5 weeks. Estimated weight 3.5 pounds. Some concern from the radiologist that the baby is measuring so big for his age and told me that the IUGR we were initially worried about can be completely dismissed at this point. heh.

GD screening: Drank the glucola at the end of the ultrasound. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either drinking it or dealing with all the sugar in my system for the next couple of hours. Made me more confident that I was doing ok with the glucose levels but still worried 'cause (1) you never know and (2) BIG baby

Weight: Lost 3 pounds. Dr. seemed happy with that (well, as happy as she ever seems) but did ask me a few times if I was eating any carbs at all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she doesn't know me very well. I DREAM carbs.

Fundal height: I'm measuring at exactly 28 weeks. She said I'm really hiding him in there since he's so big already. She also expressed concern about his being big for his age and we both just presumed it's GD, the blood work would confirm it, and we moved on to another subject.

Blood pressure: 122/70 -- still great

Urine: normal

Blood draw: 2 vials -- blood sugar and iron levels.

She asked if we were having him circumsized and if I'd chosen a pediatrician yet.

The last 2 weeks, I've been feeling REALLY tired all the time. I think worse than the first few weeks. I just presumed that it was my iron levels finally crashing. It's so normal to have iron deficiency in pregnancy anyway and since I started with such a disadvantage with my hematocrit levels, it seems an easy presumption to make.

So the nurse called yesterday and left a message on my cell phone that I got when I left the office for home: Blood sugar -- normal; Iron levels -- normal; final ultrasound result -- normal. "So, everything's normal! Call if you have any questions and see you at your next appointment!"

Our childbirth classes start tuesday. Eight weeks worth! The first 6 weeks are childbirth prep and then one week of breastfeeding and then a week of newborn care.

We got the car seat today -- the recent news from consumer reports was so apropos. I was at BabiesRUs when they opened yesterday and bought the snugride "emerson" or whatever that ugly plaid color is. I wasn't totally in love with it but I wanted to have SOMEthing. I went later in the day to another local baby store in the midst of a 15% off everything sale (MAN that place was humming!) and saw the snugride metropolitan. I really liked that so I ordered one and it'll be in on Wednesday. I also liked that they can show us what strollers are compatible so C. and I are going to go up at some point before the sale ends so he can test drive some for height. He tends to kick the wheels of the shorter ones. So I returned the first one at the end of the day. Before they could finish the refund, It was at the register in someone else's hands. Those Graco's are literally flying out of the store.

K and I got the paper for the shower invites yesterday so we can get those sent out. They're in the shape of a hippo -- SO CUTE.

Next up: finalizing the stroller purchase decision. I'll try to be better now about keeping up to date.